Entry #1 - Miley

Entry #2 - The LeBron Platform

Entry #3 - Banksy Revealed

Entry #4 - KramerCare


Kramer Invented Twerking (see entry #1 on the left menu to see how he did it)

Entry#2: NYC Mayor… Kramer? 

Jerry returns to his apartment after a three-day comedy tour to several phone messages from his family, about seeing Kramer on the news running for NYC Mayor. 

Upon hearing Jerry return, Kramer enters Jerry’s apartment 

Jerry: I’ve been gone three whole days…what’s this I hear about you running for Mayor?  

Kramer: It’s been a whirlwind, Jerry! 

Jerry: You mean it’s true? 

Kramer: Yes, but it happened by accident. 

Jerry: By accident?! 

Kramer: By TOTAL accident!!! 

Jerry: What happened? 

Kramer: Well, I was walking in the park, you know, Bryant Park. And there are a lot of tourists around, and I see Bill DiBlasio getting out of a cab near the library. So I yell out “hey, there’s Bill DiBlasio.” The other tourists start yelling “where” and I say “the tall guy over there.” DiBlasio disappears into an SUV and a new group of tourists comes by, heard someone yell DiBlasio was the tall guy, and I’m the only tall guy around! They think I’m DiBlasio! Worse, they are all short! So they start throwing questions at me – how would I lower taxes, how would I lower the crime rate, what would I do for the homeless… my head was spinning! 

Jerry: How did you answer? 

Kramer: I didn’t. I was frozen Jerry. So people start to disperse. Then some suit with a newspaper walks by and asks me how I would help the Knicks win an NBA championship. So by reflex I shout out that we need to get LeBron James to sign with the Knicks. He asks how I would do that, and at that moment Jerry I became a politician. I start spewing out that I’d get legislature approved mandating LeBron sign with the Knicks, that I would put it on the ballot, and that the people would vote and mandate LeBron. All of a sudden, the crowd builds all the way out to the streets! The cops come by and start dispersing the crowd, but the guy in the suit tells us all to come to his house. I can give my speech there. 

Jerry: His house? 

Kramer: It turns out his house is Madison Square Garden. He’s James Dolan, the owner of the Knicks! Next thing I know, I’m on the Garden stage promising a Knicks championship and LeBron James if everyone votes for me. The crowd is going wild! Dolan’s people start a write-in campaign, I get 50,000 signatures the first hour, I’m placed on the ballot as running on the “LeBron Party,” and the next day the Daily News headline reads “New Mayoral Candidate Promises LeBron and Knicks an NBA Championship.” And now today, the new poll says I’m running away with the election with 65% of the vote! 

Jerry: But how could you promise LeBron and a Knicks championship? He’s not going to sign here. 

Kramer: Well I wasn’t thinking clearly!


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